Sunday, December 30, 2007

Did I Mention the Cinnamon Buns?

This morning we went to Ikea to get the piece fixed that wasn't right for HomeGirl's dresser. And then bought a couple of hundred dollars worth of other stuff (a bed and bedding for J's mom who will be here in OMFUCKINGG a week). I am now completely exhausted from walking around. And sore. Because walking requires an elaborate musculature I just do not have? No idea.

But still. . .BEING POSITIVE, the gratitude flows for:
1. Ikea cinnamon buns. Who knew? Such deliciousness for a dollar. If they had more icing they would be perfect.
2. That my Mama and Daddy loaned me a car. J is taking mine to California Thursday and though I could probably get his to work (PROBABLY) it was stressing me out just thinking about it. If I wouldn't have to drive myself to my baby shower next week (location: THE ENDS OF THE EARTH) then it would have been fine, maybe. But I do and I am so glad I am not going to end up on the side of the road somewhere weeping about the clutch.
3. Brow powder. Somehow my eye brows have become really patchy and sparse. I've always used brow powder because they are so light but now I need it just to not look bald.
4. The 13's are here! Anyone not reading Julia's story, she has had a long journey to get here, including 11 miscarriages. But her twins are here!

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