Friday, December 28, 2007

I Am Squishy With Fluid

I started to panic today when I noticed my thighs were bigger and more ripply than they used to be. So far I have carried this baby all in front, just blasting my boobs and belly to ridiculous proportions but not doing much else (besides the inevitable hip spreading SIGH) so adding really super fat thighs to the mix (not like they were Heidi Klumesque before) was not helpful. Then I noticed that there was fluid just MOVING under the skin.

This is a joyous time.

Continuing on my theme of gratitude:
1. Traffic this week--if I have to work at least the rest of the world is off and not clogging the I-5 corridor. Tonight I got home in less than an hour. On a Friday.
2. Wireless internet--this post brought to you while I am pooping (TMI?).
3. The massage I am getting tomorrow. Probably the last of the pregnancy but lo do I need it.
4. Peanut butter. Protein baby.
5. My I-Pod. I swore to J that I didn't need it and certainly didn't need the big one. I was oh so wrong. There is no way to quantify the amount of crazy that thing insulates me from on the bus. Setting aside the hours of music and electronic entertainment it has brought, the anti-crazy benefits more than paid for the thing.

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