Friday, August 25, 2006

Like A Good Wife Should

A good wife would have let J have his moment with Jason Giambi and bask in the glow for a while.

I am not a good wife.

The really shitty Mariners beat the Yankees last night and what you don't see pictured here (with the beer chugging and crabby look and the rally cap) is his tappity tapping foot as the Yankees left about 84,000 runners on base. That is actually why this picture is blurry--he just kept moving. Also not pictured? His quickly hidden look of self-doubt when I asked if MAYBE he had cursed Giambi when he shook his hand (yeah, I am aware they actually won the game immediately following that but you know, baseball fans are a superstitious lot so the seed has Been Planted).

We had a great time at the game, the seats were fantastic, right on the third baseline and backed up to the walkway behind us so that you could just crawl over the back of your seat and there was the bathroom. Brilliant. We went with J's co-worker and his wife and even though I am incredibly bad at small talk I think everyone had fun.

I really like this couple as they seem to have a relationship that we can relate to and yet are interesting individually. Plus, he seems slightly afraid of his wife and that is a dynamic I truly approve of. It was truly lovely to have two other people to help me yell insults at the Yankees and to poke at J while he is depressed.

I heartily approve anyone who will help me kick J when he is down.

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