Wednesday, August 16, 2006


My body decided to welcome my fucking 28th year by swelling my eye shut. I have a sinus infection.


So I woke up at 1, was at work by 5:15 and seriously want to die right now. My insurance company has a bug up it's collective ass about the anti-biotics the doctor prescribed and since I am allergic to a whole mess of things it has just been a chore dealing with it all today.


I did get to have some sort of x-ray, robotic brain scan thingy that seemed lot a ride at Disneyland.

OH SHIT, update, my damn scan came back negative so they are like "well we can't do anything bitch, your eye can just stay swollen shut"


I take everything back, 28 sucks.

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Frank said...

Happy Birthday Anyabeth! Isn't 28 the new 16?