Monday, August 28, 2006


I am feeling just a general feeling of melancholy lately. I think this is due to just bullshit happening on the work front, the changing of the seasons, allergies and some crap that makes me feel like the universe that is fucking with me. I am trying not to get dragged down in it and power through the week but in the mean time these things are bugging me:

1. FUCKING bugs of some sort that keep swarming around my kitchen. If I wash the dishes or don't, put away food instantly NOTHING works just fucking BUGS.

2. My new bangs that are not the full bang that I wanted during my haircut on Saturday. They are neither long nor short and just keep falling in my face. BAH.

3. J working late all the damn time. Enough that I can't be zen about it anymore. Come home at a normal time or call. Don't give me a half-assed apology anymore.

4. The hives on my wrists from bug bites (possibly my kitchen bugs!).

There are a few things that are making me back away from the ledge:

1. Throwing out all the damn junk mail that has been accumulating all over the mantle, coffee table and dining room.

2. Doing laundry at 10 last night, even if it made me tired today--at least I had clean underwear.

3. Going grocery shopping. At least we can eat!

4. Buster and Darla chasing the cat around the house--may they all sleep deeply tonight.

5. Going to bed early tonight. I am guessing.

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Frank said...

Never underestimate the power of having clean underwear.