Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Hate The Yankees But I Love Their First Baseman

J had a very good day.

I believe I have mentioned that he is a Yankee fan. A HUGE Yankee fan. The kind of Yankee fan that will bored the shit out of you babbling about Don Mattingly. The kind that put a fucking BOOT through a television in 1995 when the Mariner's beat the Yankees in the playoffs and Don Mattingly never got a World Series title. The kind of fan that will not buy a goddamn new hat because he only buys a new hat after a World Series title and he is not changing now even though his hat smells weird and is too small for his giant head and WILL YOU JUST GET ANOTHER ONE PLEASE I AM BEGGING.

And he met Jason Giambi today. There is photographic proof of the blessed event and I believe this is what finally will get my photo files backed up. Vacations pictures, photos of weddings, family events--these things do not need backing up. But a blurry ass (I cleaned it up the best that I could) camera phone photo is a precious gem that must be preserved like a precious gem. J is kicking himself because he didn't have a pen so he didn't get an autograph but Giambi did shake his hand and J is never washing it again. I plan on letting him grope my boob so he can tell people that Jason Giambi groped his wife's boob.

I have always liked Jason Giambi. Despite the scandals about steroids I think he got scapegoated in a really ridiculous way. He obviously made mistakes and is definitely paying for them. But he has always struck me as the kind of person who feels lucky to make his living playing baseball.

Anyway he was an absolute delight to my husband who I am sure acted like a little drooling fan-boy puppy. These men must deal with this shit every day and even though it is part of the job I am imagine it must get tiresome dealing with freaks every day. I mean there are pieces of my job that sometimes I just want to JAB MY EYEBALL out rather than do one more time and perhaps I am less than gracious about each and every occurrence. But Giambi shook my husband's hand, he asked him if he had a camera phone because he could take a photo, he treated J with respect.



Frank said...

I'm not a Yankees fan now, although I was one growing up. That was a nice thing he did for J. Don't you need a crucifix or wear garlic or have a silver bullet to protect yourself from becoming a Yankees fan?

L said...

So cool! For being a camera phone pic, it's a pretty good picture.

Cow Camp said...

I am back~

KleoPatra said...

That's pretty cool!