Friday, June 30, 2006

Why Do People Keep Buying This Shit

Dear Very Pretty Pregnant Lady I Saw At QFC,

Why, for the love of GOD, were your wearing that thing in your hair?

I assume that you were trying to make your hair look fuller and longer. But whatever that thing was resembled neither the texture or weight of hair. Let alone come close to matching the color or shape of your hair. It look like a yarn and nylon craft project from a dunce student at Charlie Manson's School For the Psychotic and Demented.

That maternity dress was the cutest I have seen all spring though, and working at the chickiest place of all time I see a lot of maternity dresses.

Hope you have a lovely evening of eating the big old cartload of CARBS you were wheeling.


The Woman Who's Boobs Your Husband Was Staring At

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