Friday, June 09, 2006

I Swear We Are Not Stealing Identities Here

Earlier this week we received a little mystery in the mail.

J and I have been invited to a wedding. One where we know neither the bride nor the groom.

We might as well call Sherlock Holmes because honestly I don't think we even know a soul who has ever lived in the town that these two are from. Their names are distinctive and we don't anyone with them. The save the date magnet came addressed to Mr. and Mrs. J Lastname, which really isn't a very uncommon name so it is probably a case of mistaken identity.

That doesn't stop me for coming up with stories for both of them. How the groom is J's long lost pre-school classmate that he rescued from the top of the jungle gym and now J is to give a rousing toast! How I know the bride from sixth grade camp! We both kissed the same boy and then got into a cat fight and ripped each other's hair out! They are a couple we met in the line at Home Depot! Who have mysteriously moved to Texas!

Worst thing is, no return address since it is just a save the date card so we can't even alert them to their mistake.

Not that it is a mistake, I am sure he is my fifth cousin on my father's side. In which case I suppose we will attend.

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L said...

Weird. Are you going to go to the wedding? Kidding.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Yesterday someone text messaged me two pictures of a really cute but um, strange baby. ? I was all "Oh so cute. Who do I know who has a cute white baby boy that would send me these pictures? UR