Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Should Be Snoring Not sniffling

I haven't been sleeping well.

When we were first together J and I went to sleep at the same time (God, that makes me sound both trampy and sedate, like we had sex right away but there was also SLEEPING). I got used to it. And being all schmoopy I just "couldn't" sleep if he wasn't around. Actually that is a total lie, I can always sleep once I get to sleep. You could rip the roof off of my house and I would probably keep sleeping. But I relaxed better when he was there and got to sleep faster.

Fast forward a few years and different schedules, add the two dogs and the damn cat and I am now very used to going to sleep alone. He gets up hours after I do so of course he comes to bed hours later too.


I get to spread out, have the pillows I like, read a little if I want to. Everything is MY WAY.

But lately he is so tired he has been coming to be earlier and earlier. And I just can't relax. He isn't doing anything, God knows he never talks or does anything, he is just there (and he brings his black dog of the damn RUNNING everywhere with him) and it is making me not sleep.

Separate bedrooms is starting to look fabulous.

Maybe we could have a third one to have sex in!

No one would have to sleep in the wet spot!

Houston, we have solved why everyone thinks they need five bedroom houses!

Of course if you have had a long day at work and are tired as hell and stressed about work and need to just relax and have a nice evening just do NOT watch this fucking movie. Unless you want to end up a sobbing mess who has no faith in the world and just keeps rocking back and forth in tears.


Tara's World said...

I have the same problem! I cannot sleep with someone else in the bed. I like to spread out, I cant stand someones breath on me when im sleeping. Even great sex doesnt make up for it

KleoPatra said...

i like to spread out too...