Sunday, May 14, 2006

What I Did On My Spring Vacation

We're home now. Which I actually feel good about. Four days of unscheduled time was just what I needed.

I got a lot out of the four days. Rest. Some kick ass pictures. Sunburned shoulders. But in the end here is what I got:

1. A weekend away is the cure for a lot of shit.

2. If you don't drink anymore then four cocktails plus a huge and beery serving of bangers and mash (even served by a rather hot Irish waitress) plus a case of Crohn's means that you probably will make friends with the hotel bathroom.

4. Even if I tan ahead of time, my pale skin will be a beacon for old ladies in the outfield bleachers who will offer sunscreen STAT. Which thank GOD because seriously I still burned.

5. I need to go more places with hot tubs.

6. Hopefully those places will be minus the creepy man and his ODD son who were leering at me FREAK.

7. If I leave tampons in the garbage then the dogs will manage to get them out so the dogsitter has to clean them up (sorry Travis).

8. I love my new camera.

9. It is possible for me to pack EXACTLY the right amount of stuff (first time EVER that I wore everything that I took but didn't think if only I had taken X. . .).

10. Yankee fans are freaking everywhere and if you find a sportsbar to watch the game in there will always be some one obnoxious for J to whine about their vulpine with.

11. Trips away are damn near perfect if you manage to take them with a man who will pose with a Jewish sheep (yes, that actually is J).


KleoPatra said...

is that one of those photos that you are supposed to spell out, like a rebus?

"Ewe Jew" ???

I really love your blog!!!

Go Cubs!

Frank said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a great time. Tell us more about the hot Irish waitress! LoL I hope the new camera means we can look forward to lots of pictures.

L said...

HAAAA - where are you guys with the sheep, anyways?