Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Crown Seems More Defensible Than Cran

My family moved here when I was nine years old. Until then I never thought that anyone was different than people that I already knew. For the most part I thought everyone was middle class and white and wore baseball caps for inappropriate situations. I didn't know that there was such a thing as a midwestern accent.

Even though I totally fucking had one.

It took me a year to shake most of it. I gained a lisp but it was totally worth it to sound like everyone else.

As I have gotten older I realize that I didn't shake it 100%. It is true that I can say Washington and not WARSHington like my mother. And I know the store is Walgreen's not Walgrins. But I have issues with a sounds. Specifically a after r like if trash or crap or traffic.

And crayon.

I was reading Dooce's entry on the word crayon and was feeling very smug. Because I had battled my accent demons. And OBVIOUSLY the word is pronounced CRAY-ON. But when I was saying it to myself I realize that I do not pronounce it that way. At all. I say in CRAN as in rhymes with BRAN and OH MY GOD I AM ABUSING CAPITALS WHILE I TALK LIKE MY MOTHER.

I can't stop. I really can't. I said it over and over in my car, trying to get it right. J coached me and I can say it real slow-like. CRAY-on. But when I try to say it fast then I I go right back into CRAN.

I should have skipped college and saved my daddy a whole lot of money y'all.

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