Friday, May 26, 2006

Want To See My Cabinets

Oh y'all. Sometimes I get in these moods. Housewifey moods. Periods of time where I research how to get mold out of shower curtains, obsess about getting a Roomba. Days like today, where faced with an empty afternoon (after scooting out of work early) I choose to bleach my bathtub and clean out my cupboards and linen cabinet (this may be how your house looks but sadly both of these were just JAMMED with shit earlier).

Man I love it when my house is like this. I was so happy that when J got home I made him admire everything. And my college self just DIED with HORROR. I mean, seriously I remember when I had better things to do than dust behind the couch but you know, I just feel so comfortable when it is like this.

Of course I did have a moment where I was an idiot and a bit of a fucking blond bimbo housewife CARTOON. I decided to vacuum--which was my first problem. And I figure out that J hadn't changed the bag like I thought and the thing was too full. I knew we didn't have more bags but I thought I would at least empty this out. WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS OUTSIDE?

Turns out, it was so full it burst. And damn. Dust and kitty litter and lint just EVERYWHERE. And I had to do the grossest thing and root around in there to get it all cleaned up. I will be sweeping up that crap pretty much forever.



L said...

dude, I love cleaning like that. Everything is so nice and shiny afterwards. Except the vacuum part must have been nasty. Bleeh...

Tara's World said...

You are welcome to come to my house and do mine :)

KleoPatra said...

*thanks for the laugh*

and i'm laughing WITH you.

not AT you.

i'm sorry about the vacuum sitch...