Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Too Much

So much shit is just spinning in my head right now. I suppose everyone goes through times like these. When they can't figure out what they want or what they should do. Mine has just been going on for several years now. Which is frankly, exhausting.

Work is either going to get better soon or I am going to start weeping with frustration. We shall know about that here pretty soon.

The house and everything with it just feels like a weight on my back and it is dragging me down.

And apparently my father got me in trouble with my sister. I SWEAR I didn't know that you hadn't talked to them about it. Seriously. And I told them that nothing was definite. Does anyone listen to me? NO THEY DON'T. SERIOUSLY I AM SORRY.

It is a little much is what I am saying.

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