Thursday, May 11, 2006

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

It took us longer to get to the hotel last night than the flight to Oakland did (for reasons involving a few bucks and a voodoo doll I think we flew to Oakland instead of San Francisco). J and I wandered around SF for a while with our little pully cases, being greeted by overaged drunken frat boys screaming WHOO. Apparently there is some sort of conference where men who are too old for This Shit are meeting to get drunk and scream Whoo.

Normally this would piss me off and dude my two vodka martinis had long wore off (though it was my first time getting ON a plane drunk) but I was pretty merry last night.


I know that it is only four days but dude did I need this. Of course J is sleeping, and went to sleep a couple of hours before me but I think I am just so happy to not be at work that I can't sleep that much.

And we are going to see my Cubbies! In less than three hours! WHEEEEE

Of course it does make me laugh that even in a hotel room--completely dogless--we both slept in these elaborate contortions that allow for easy dog sleeping in favorite places. We are pathetic.

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