Saturday, March 19, 2005

There are many things in fashion that I do not understand. I do not understand bermuda shorts. I do not understand sequined shrugs. I do not understand the woman I saw on Thursday wearing denim bermuda shorts with a polo shirt, a tweed jacket and a pair of knee high boots. Was it "wear every trend you can think of" day and I just didn't get the memo?

But my biggest fashion pet peeve is the seasonally inappropriate bullshit people pull. I see women downtown all the time wearing sandals and cropped pants with fucking parkas. If it is cold enough for a parka than you need to wear full length pants.

Also, confidential to the stupid girl I saw in the juniors department at my local department store: your skirt is too fucking short. If I can see cheek than you need to wear shorts or something underneath it. The city of Seattle can function just fine without seeing your vagina. I felt like a child molester just being within fifty feet of you.

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