Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Spring Dinner

Our dishwasher is not draining. It smells like a bog. J is trying to fix it and I am up here pretending that there is nothing wrong. This is possible because I am good with denial and because I don't actually do dishes. This means that there is no way that this could be my fault.

We had a nice Spring Dinner today. We ate a lot of ham, and brought a whole crapload of it home with us. Hopefully, this will settle the whole Jewish does not equal no ham issue for good. Easter is a much more fun holiday when you are not Christian. We slept in and felt no pressure to go to a sunrise service. And then we watched the NCAA tournament. A nice relaxing day is what we called it. Though I know my parents were celebrating the resurrection of a diety that I do not believe in. Lovely for everyone really.

We missed Purim on Friday. And the party last night. We are so pissed about this we could scream. Since we started going to our temple they have told us how fun Purim is and how its the best party of the year. Friday and Saturday night we were both asleep early, our heads full of snot and fog.

On Purim we are supposed to get so drunk that we cannot tell our friends from our enemies. Somehow I do not think that cough syrup with a chaser of Tylenol PM counts.

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