Saturday, March 19, 2005

Sap Fan

My favorite part of the NCAA tournament is the reaction shots of the parents. Every time anything happens on the floor the camera immediately pans to that player's family. The dads all look dazed--like they just cannot believe that there son is out there. And the moms are all jumping up and down like psychopath on crack. The moms know all of the cheers and are practically doing the arm movements. Both parents are dressed head to toe in school swag. They are flushed and smiling and their eyes are dilated like dinner plates.

For the most part these kids are just normal kids. They are not going to play in the NBA. They are going to move on and be accountants or English teachers. This will be their crowning athletic achievement. The story that will be told every holiday, on every job interview with a basketball fan, the story they will tell their kids until their ears bleed.

I just love seeing how happy they are, how they could not be more excited, that they are enjoying every second.

Sometimes I cry at the end of the games, ok? SHUT UP.

Am such a damn sap.

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