Friday, March 18, 2005

Cable Guy

Today a couple of guys from our cable company came to install their faux DVR system for us (side note: I do feel a little guilty for not using TIVO since they invented the technology but not guilty enough to pay more for the service and for the equipment). The tall guy with a thick southern accent chatted me up about my dogs, Buster in particular, he was training the little guy. The little guy was a little creepy with his exact recitation of the company script. Once we were upstairs in our bedroom I had this mini panic attack. What if the really aren't from our cable company? What if they are crazy serial rapists? I locked my dogs on the deck, they are busy peeing on the deck furniture--they will not save me!

Then I realized that serial rapists probably not have bothered to install the downstairs DVR before slitting my throat.

Or maybe that was just what they wanted me to think.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this is an interesting approach. maybe those cable guys were just there to entertaint a little bit your life.
you need a risky life.