Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dream Love with Hulkamania

So this weekend I was watching the Inferno II and who is on it but Jon from Real World LA. I loved that show when it was on. My best friend and I would watch while we were on the phone and talk shit about everyone. It seems bizarre that this guy who was 18 when that was filmed is now 30. Made me feel a little old to be honest. But interesting, like some sort of freaky high school reunion.

So he is the same as ever. Still Christian. Still soft spoken but very convinced in his beliefs. And is a youth minister. So Inferno II is the same shit talking drama-fest that is standard fare on MTV these days.

Long after the show I cannot stop thinking about Jon though. Because it strikes me that he would be perfect for my sister. They have similar beliefs (I think, I have to confess since converting my grasp on sects in Christianity is pretty weak). He just seems so nice and like he has a lot of integrity. I don't know, I just got a feeling.

So, that night, admittedly while hopped up on cold meds, I dreamt that Jon and my sister got together. Oh, my GOD they were adorable. Even though it was a little surreal to have my sister date a man I have seen stroll on the beach in a Hulkamania t-shirt and cowboy boots. But the best part? My sister was just so happy.

I believe that anyone can be happy on their own. I do. My sister is a great woman who has a full life with a lot of interests and friends. However, I know that she would like to get married and have a family of her own. And, of course, I love my sister so I want that for her. Even if it comes wrapped up in a cowboy hat.

And it was in a gesture of love that I spent part of Saturday googling around trying to find his email address online. Sadly, it was unavailable. Though if anyone knows him pass that information along please. My sister is the hottest Christian babe around. Who is probably going to kick my ass for dream-marrying her off to a reality show contestant.

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