Wednesday, August 06, 2008


We are in the wilds of California this week. About fifteen miles from a forest fire with my parents in a "Presidential Suite." That phrase is very deceptive as it is really a laminate pine lined room with two attached bedrooms and a small bathroom. But still we are all napping a lot, playing with the baby and eating bacon at every meal.

Last night we stayed up playing cards with my parents. My mom slurped down the better part of a bottle of wine and well . . .she flashed us all. It wasn't intentional, she claims, and yet there it was. Or they were. She got stuck in her shirt? I was there and I still don't understand it.

I have done shit all week and thank god for that. I was so tired and dried and worn down deep in the bone. Believe it or not laying around and watching TV and walking around in the semi smokey river front is just what I needed.

Never under estimate the power of napping for a mom of an infant.

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