Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do I Look Like Mike the Mover?

If you weren't following me on Twitter today, and you weren't since no one is, you missed that sometime around lunch a large box arrived in my office. It contained a chair.

This chair. In zebra print.

Which, oddly enough, I never ordered. It took some time for me to convince my officemates that I didn't order it, a vendor didn't send it to me (why would they do that), and NO J DIDN'T BUY ME A ZEBRA CHAIR.

It took me a really long time to track down who was supposed to get the chair (a woman from another part of the country, who's name in no way resembles mine and who I do not know) and convince the company that yes, it is a problem that I have this chair since I didn't pay for it and some one else did. Enough time that I am thinking I won't be doing business with Ballard Designs. Because bitches are crazy.

By the end of the day Zebra Chair was sort of a celebrity. People were coming to pose on it and remark on it's glamour. I think I will miss it when they send a man in brown shorts to come get it.

I am sure as hell not carrying it downstairs.

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