Monday, August 18, 2008


In the past week or two the baby has taught herself this sort of fake cough--ahem HACK ahem--that she employs at every opportunity. Any time that things are not proceeding according to her little diabolical plan she gives a little Excuse me *HACK* and we are all supposed to fawn all over her. Except that it is the fakest cough sound ever, like she is a passive aggressive asshole trying to "politely" alert you to her presence. Usually girl dissolves into giggles shortly after--I mean she is six months old so her acting skills are keenly developed for her age but she is not Meryl Streep.

It's hysterical honestly. Except that when we are out and about and people are staring at us in horror because we are laughing at a choking baby.

So she will cough and then stop and check our faces for response. She will peak up over her lashes to see if we are watching. Laughter is the wrong response. Laughter will make her try again, like COUGH DID YOU HEAR ME? She will then howl a bit and be angry and well eventually will lose interest all OOOH SHINY. It's awesome and sad and we are so totally fucked when this kid is thirteen. That is a lot of time to perfect screwing with Mom and Dad. I am pretty sure she will get better at it.

*Side note, have totally signed up for Twitter. Have no followers. Please join up and I will follow you right back and we'll be BFF forever! Or something less stalkery!

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