Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maybe I Shouldn't Blog While On Cold Meds Either

I was sitting at lunch when this (I assume) homeless dude comes up and asks me for fifty cents for a McDonald's Hot Apple Pie. I immediately go for my purse because I do not wish to deny anyone their hot fast food pastries. In fact I gave him a dollar because man, you need two.

I cannot stop bitching about the trash can at work. I have a cold and according to the new eco-standards I should get up every time I use a tissue and walk to the trash can. This means I should work about fifteen minutes a day because I am not staying late because of a fucking trash can move. Instead I have a mountain of used tissues spreading germs forth into the workplace. We are saving the environment by infecting us all with the black plague and wiping out humanity! WINNER!

Not that there is anything delicious about a cold but I am quite enamored with the return of dangerous cold medications. During pregnancy they just toss you some vitamins and shake their heads at your selfishness if you so much as take a Tylenol but now I am allowed the entire aisle at Rite Aid. Sure I might die but the baybee will live so glug that Nyquil (except don't because I would totally sleep through her nightly howl for snacking). Still, it is a relief to be able to take something and not want to die. Of course trying to decide whether to stay home is now a calculus problem involving child care and is it more work to stay home and try to entertain the baby (or do I make my MIL come even though I am here and is it weird to displace them from their routine and GAH). Frankly it is a lot less stressful just to go to work and waste my time walking tissues to the trash can.

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