Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wild Life

Mo and I spent last night with my parents. My mother was thrilled beyond measure to have the baby in the house (I am but a necessary accompaniment). I have to admit that the kiddo was in full charm mode--she can give a full bodied laugh now that is impossible to ignore. She wanted to stand stand stand all the time and belched like a trucker for my dad.

Of course she didn't want to nap all day (too much fun) and melted down hard core on the way home. At least she will sleep well tonight.

J is camping out at a concert festival this weekend. He has sent text messages and called earlier today and is having a grand time. Honestly, his squeeing about REM has pretty hilarious. He thinks that I should go with him next year, not believing me as usual that I have been to many many concerts at the Gorge and have no desire to camp out there again. It's hot, the porta-potties are always full and I do not need to be pretending to be in high school again. Those festivals are for serious music fans and kids who want to get drunk. I can get unburned and dehydrated at home for free.

Just the same I have had a lovely weekend so far, the weather has been beautiful and the baby charming. I am glad J will be home tomorrow and we can have a little family time. I have a feeling Mo and I have a baseball watching date in the morning. And possibly a walk around the neighborhood. After she milk-bongs her bottle in the morning.

It's a wild life.

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