Friday, May 23, 2008

Something No One Really Needed To Know

I am going to cause some people to shudder in horror but I don't use toilet seat covers.

I know. But I really can't get too worked up about germs on my butt. Many public space bathrooms are cleaned many times in a day and those that are not . . .well they are likely the kind of places that the Hover is required anyway. I don't know what kind of disease and filth is really intimidated by a little piece of paper. I wouldn't want to eat off of any of these seats but you know, it's not like my ass is germ free.

But what really skeeves me out is when I walk into a stall and the toilet seat cover is still there. Obviously no one cleans the paper and ew some one's butt was just on that.

I realize this makes sense to no one but me.

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Frank said...

Anyabeth said: "I realize this makes sense to no one but me."

Maybe not, but it sure is funny.