Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Four AM is Early Yo

Oh y'all.

I was doing so well. Not freaking out about being back to work (now work sucks but meh that is something else entirely), juggling the family, sharing baby duty with J. I was cruising. It was hard but I could do it.

The baby isn't sleeping. I mean she isn't not sleeping. But for a while now she has been sleeping in long chunks and getting up once during the night. But when I hit the wall yesterday I realized it has been a couple of weeks since she fit that pattern. Instead of getting five or six hours straight I have been getting three hours and it is melting my brain.

Crazed googling leads me to believe she is just having a four month sleep regression. And with any luck this will be over in a couple of weeks. But in the mean time my brain is hot molten liquid and I have a migraine that could take down an elephant. I would do just about anything to get eight hours at a time.

This is a lonely feeling. Even though J is going through it with me (he takes the early morning shift when I leave). Even though parents everywhere are all going through this right now. I just feel hopeless and sad and I know I just need to tough it out. But that would be easier with some goddamn sleep.

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