Friday, October 26, 2007

The Plague

I'm home from work today. For the last couple of weeks my neighbor at work has had what I have semi-jokingly called the plague. He has a cough, a sore throat and is either fever flushed or shaking with the chills. He gets better and then worse. It's awesome!

He has stayed home a couple of times but somehow his wife and kids and him just keep passing it around and can't get it. I'm not Catholic but maybe they need an exorcism? All week I could feel myself slipping down into this sick funk. And this morning my face melted off and my throat screamed and I whined enough that J said "baby you should stay home."

J works all the time now. I am trying hard not to take it personal. Because it really isn't. He is working on a big project (which sadly doesn't deliver until a couple weeks after the baby is due) and until then well his ass is at work. It makes this pregnancy even more lonely but it's also my high stress season at work so I should understand. I do have moments when I can't seem to keep it in my head that this is temporary. That he won't be at work late every night until the end of time. There are nights when the chimes of doom get to me.

Those nights happen when I have a sore throat especially.

The plague is not making me a joy to be around. Except to Darla who thinks the bedridden me is fucking fabulous. We are propped up on pillows and watching 90210 on Soapnet.

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