Sunday, October 28, 2007


As a Cubs fan I am supposed to be rooting for the National League team but feh I hate the damn Rockies. I have no good reason other than the phrase "Rocktober" makes me want to cut their marketing team into tiny little pieces.

So hopefully the Red Sox wrap up this shit tonight and we can all just think about how the Cubs will blow their season next year.

We bought a crib today. Um. Is a baby going to be moving here? My sister has been so sweet (and has been knitting like a fiend I think) and offered to sew baby bedding. But after another disastrous fabric store trip last weekend I told her I give up. There isn't anything cute out there. Apparently I am the only person who isn't into pastels and bears for babies. I have a feeling that this kiddo will be sleeping on the two pack of plain white sheets for 9.99 at Target. She'll get used to disappointment I am sure.

Did you see that we bought a crib? A CRIB FOR A BABY?

I slept for 20 of 36 hours Fri/Sat and woke up feeling a little perkier. If I could just stay in bed and only get up for soup and raisin bran I think this pregnancy/cold thing would be a breeze. Sadly, it is back to work tomorrow.

How many subjects have we covered so far?

Last night we went to a surprise party for a friend of ours. His fortieth birthday. WTF y'all, how do we have a friend that is forty? It was a friend night, and I was BRAVE because it involved socializing with people I didn't know. Especially the guest of honor's mom who was a scream and also had maybe one wrinkle and at sixty-six could have gotten carded at the restaurant. But I talked to strangers y'all! Like a big girl.

Fuck, maybe I still have a fever? I am babbling.

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Sandra said...

Buying the crib made it all real to me. It was an, "OMG, we're having a baby!" moment.

I don't know if you have a BabiesRUs near you or not, but they have some bedding sets that aren't pastel, not a lot mind you.

You can look at them online (and order online if you don't have a BabiesRUs near you) here,