Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Now Go Shop

Because I know that the internets sit around and wait on me to post about what products I am using I have to tell y'all about my skin. I believe I have mentioned (whined like a little girl who let go of her balloon) that my skin got jacked by the pregnancy hormones about a month ago. I was so broken out and hideous. And then, to make matters more interesting it got dry as hell a few weeks ago as well. Which are two problems that really don't play all that nicely together. My skin was flaking off in sheets and breaking out like I was getting ready for the seventh grade dance. AWFUL.

So I finally caved and thought I would treat the dryness first, since it couldn't be helping the acne situation. I took Amalah's advice, and used some certificates on Philosophy's Purity cleanser and Hope in a Jar moisturizer. I'd been using Hope in a Bottle but that is really more of a treatment than a moisturizer and since I was mimicking a desert here I took the plunge.

So Amalah is brilliant. Because as much as it pains me to spend 20 bucks on a cleanser (but I had a certificate and a discount--and apparently care too much if the internet thinks I spend too much on skin care) but these two products are really making a difference for me. A week later and my skin is so much smoother and softer without resulting in an oil slick. The acne is slowly coming around but you know, still pregnant, so I am not expecting miracles.

My other issue has been my sinuses, which are not congested but just swell and ache and cause all kinds of angst (and wrinkles in my face--goddamn I am a sexy beast). I went all DEF CON 5 on my sinuses with allergy pills and a humidifier but what has done the most good is the nasal rinse.

Pregnant ladies and allergy sufferers everywhere, run DO NOT WALK, to the drugstore and spend your ten dollars. Yes, it is gross to propel water up your nose (and have it come out your mouth a little) and yes, the first time I did it something grey came out (and I screamed IS THAT MY BRAIN?!?!) but now I am like a little crack whore for my nasal rinser. It clears my head, gets rid of that ache, takes the swelling out of my eyes. Brilliant.

If more than a little disgusting.

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