Monday, August 20, 2007

Petty Moment

Allow me my lunchtime pettiness.

If you are wearing flip flops with a skirt suit I will laugh at you. If your shoes are so uncomfortable that you can’t stand to wear them for the three block walk to the deli than you are ridiculous and need new shoes. Obviously, you don’t care about looking cute so I doubt your “real shoes” are anything so special. The fact that these are red polka dot flip flops only makes it worse. That you did this on a day when it is pouring down rain and is less than sixty degrees makes you even funnier. Then you splashed in a puddle outside of the alley where all the homeless people like to urinate. PLEASE BUY SOME REAL SHOES.

Speaking of the homeless, when standing in line to buy soup (y’all it was COLD today) this homeless kid like horns in line in front of me to get crackers from the counter guy. Shoved me straight out of the way. I was making the WTF face behind him as the counter guy patiently gives him the crackers. Then I feel like a jerk for being impatient. But still! Not only are you trying to gank free food (he also wanted free soup) from a place that charges for it (so he wouldn’t have to walk all the way down to the soup kitchen!) but you shoved aside the people who were waiting to pay for it. Because your time is so much more valuable than their’s!

I am still probably an a**hole huh?

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