Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Yesterday we ran errands and spent too much money on stuff for J for four hours and I came home napped for three hours and then went to bed for good for ten hours. Apparently, I can only handle an hour of activity per day now.

Which is just a damn shame because today I made an emergency start for J's softball team. I've played on this team for years but in the current condition I've been sidelined for the year. But they only had one female player for today (a double header) and if you know anything about co-ed teams--well your team actually has to be co-ed in order to be allowed to play. So, I agreed to play if they could find another girl.

Before anyone has a stroke there were very specific conditions at work here. I caught, and was not to get into any confrontations at the plate (any play the pitcher was going to cover). When I hit I could run to first and then use a courtesy runner.

And it was fine. No problems at all. We were very competitive the first game and then the second team didn't show so we won that game. Which thank god, because it was SO HOT out there I could barely move. If we had actually had to play the second game I might not have made it.

I am officially in the second trimester now and I actually feel really good. KNOCKING VIGOROUSLY ON WOOD. All things considered I am hoping the worst is over and I will cruise through the next few months.

Of course given my history I probably need to go to bed right now from all this activity.

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Frank said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and, wow, playing softball. Too bad you can't enjoy the beer that goes along with playing softball. Since you're such a softball jock, did you play any sports growing up?