Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I am here to say that a business trip in the middle of summer to New York while you are barfy pregnant is just as delightful as you might imagine.

It went ok, all things considered. I just barely managed all the social obligations of the trip but did fine with the professional ones. I walked all over NY to find the Yankees Clubhouse Store so that I could buy J presents (including an outfit for the freeloader, who we have decided will be a 49er fan, a Penguins fan, a Cubs fan and a Yankees fan at least until he/she can talk). I schmoozed and I raked people over the coals. I managed not to smack people who got too personal. And in the middle of this my belly got er LARGER. To the point that when I got back Thursday, J was determined not to mention it but I let him off the hook and he was like yeah you look PREGNANT now.

NY is a weird place to me. Not nearly as exciting as people want you to believe. New Yorkers will always talk about the energy of the place but really, there are just a lot of people there. People who think where they live is the center of the fucking universe so I think the energy they are speaking of is just arrogance and narcissism.

I did have room service for the first time in my life (room service being one of many things my father tainted for me because they are a rip off). I was sick enough Wednesday (Zofran, not really wonder drugging it for me right now ALAS) that I bailed on my final dinner (which was not a business dinner or I would have toughed it out) and ordered in and watched the Cubs game. And passed out at like 9:30 (what I had an early flight). I am a WILD WOMAN.

I did sort of enjoy the room service bit. Even if a sandwich and fruit was FORTY FUCKING DOLLARS. I wasn't paying. And they brought the whole linen table cloth, multiple forks, silver domed trays extravaganza to my room like I was fancy or something.

During my trip I had people ask me about my sex life, offer to take me to a strip club, not understand why pregnant women cannot do shots and was paid to look at a guy in very small underwear. I also saw the Versace store, found out it is very true you can't get a cab when it rains and met a Little Person nun.

I am still exhausted and grateful to be home.

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