Saturday, July 07, 2007

Holiday Week

Because I am a fool, and (in my defense) because summer doesn't start in Seattle until July 5, I neglected to wear sunscreen to J's Fourth of July softball game. I roasted myself like a red pepper and well, it's just sad seeing as I got more burned than I did in Hawaii. Then we came home and ate summer sausage with cheese and crackers and a lot of steak. Apparently, one does not celebrate our great nation with vegetables.

Only meat.

J had invited some people over and though they said they were coming many fewer actually showed. This is why I do not have a ton of friends. If people did that to me I would be crushed and angry and take it personally (I mean there are legit reasons that this could happen of course). J shrugs this off and thinks nothing of it.

I am not really sure who is the higher evolved person. I am certain that his friends have worse manners than baboons.

There were about seven people total at my office all week which led me to have record breaking productivity. I had many things to get done, which my main reason for not "wasting" my vacation days, I did none of them. Which since I am leaving on a big business trip in two weeks means that I am a moron.

But a moron with MANNERS.

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