Wednesday, July 18, 2007

He Is Just a Champ

As much as I adore J I often forget or overlook or whatever don't appreciate him properly. He really has been a champ about this whole pregnancy nonsense. I have been a wee bit needy, weepy and vomity and just sort of a mess.

So here is a list of lovely things that J has done in the last couple of months that have earned him thousands of pounds of goodwill and I probably owe him eighty-four thousand blow jobs (which lets face it I probably will not allow him to cash in well EVER). It's a pretty long list and I need to have it recorded so the next time he ruins one of the LAST TOPS THAT I HAVE THAT FITS ME WELL I will not overreact and shove his face into the garbage disposal.

1. Made sympathetic noises while I barf (discounting that time that he callously watched me puke into the garbage disposal).

2. Let me sleep in every possible day, never making me get up to take the dogs out.

3. Listened to every rant I have had about the maternity wear industrial complex, the scary princess conspiracy and WHY ARE PEOPLE SO JUDGEY ABOUT ME NOT BUYING ORGANIC.

4. Kept buying different kinds of cereal in case one became magical and stopped the pukey.

5. Badgered the doctor into giving me meds for the puking and then bullied me into filling said prescription.

6. Bought me a new laptop (well not NEW NEW but new to me) for very little money and then set it up so it's all lovely and shiny.

7. Bought me ice cream on demand.

8. Slept in the guest room on hot nights as to not make me all sweaty. Also easier access for night peeing.

9. He has done all the laundry and dishes for more than a month.

10. No complaining about #9.

I'll hate him soon, but at the moment I think he is just dreamy.

Well except that he is losing all this weight and getting buff and making many many jokes about porking old girlfriends at his high school reunion that I am not going to and am frankly am too insecure and immature for at the moment.

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