Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not So Cute

I haven't written the whole birth story yet (which I know the internet is gasping for) but I know there is some satisfaction when reading a blog to getting the dirt. Plus I do want a record so I can look back should I have an urge to have another I can read that and go WAIT 26 hours and pushing? NOW I FUCKING REMEMBER

As a little tease: it starts with SAVE THE NEW MATTRESS, getting to the hospital and waiting in the waiting room, back labor with panic about how it gets WORSE, finally getting a room, J lying on the ground during my epidural, hanging from a bar trying to turn this child and then surgery.

Damn that little tease was long thing may turn into a mega entry or a multi parter.

I took the kiddo on a short outing today because I was getting stir crazy before birth and nothing makes that worse quite like a five or six days depending on how you count it in the hospital. Then I came back to my house and my mama ordered me to bed. Lying about how she would come get me. LIES.

The kiddo continues to be awesome. She sleeps really good during the day and moderately well at night. I think the night problem is mainly lonliness. She really just wants to some one to get up and hold her. J generally does that shift because I look like a corpse and have bleeding nipples.

My main problem is that I don't eat. I just forget about it and am still in late term pregnancy mode. So I don't eat much is apparently bad when nursing. Also I still look pregnant. Like six months instead of bursting but it is distressing because I look like I have a pot belly. With giant breasts. Maybe I am a transgendered trucker before transition?

Not so cute.

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Sandra said...

Awe. You are such a tease! Tell us more.