Monday, February 11, 2008


Mo started throwing up Friday night and we ended up in the ER. She has a rotovirus that has progressed into diarrhea and no eating and wow we are all fucking miserable. Especially me. Last night she wouldn't sleep unless I was rocking her. So no sleep at all. And my MIL is saving my butt today by taking her because I am a super zombie.

I suck at being a mom. I hit bottom big time Saturday, with tears and freaking out and that wasn't the baby. My mom seriously had to come up and calm my ass down is sad because I am a grown adult. But I couldn't cope at all. And I still can't.

If you are wondering what is happening with me I have a sick baby, am slipping quickly into a depression and am trying desperately to sleep.

Just fine in other words.


Frank said...

It all sounds perfectly normal to me. Hang in there. It does get easier.

Sandra said...

I have to agree with Frank, all normal right now, 8 months later and then you'll get to sleep again, maybe, if you're lucky.

Eeek said...

You'll get your legs under you soon. You just need to get to know this tiny person and that takes a little time. It will get easier, not today or tomorrow, but it will.