Monday, February 18, 2008

The Anti-Mush

That's my girl. Bright eyed. Awake. She does this now. It does make the rest of it easier to deal with.

She doesn't like baths. We learned this last night when she turned purple with RAGE at her bath. Screeching bloody murder from the second her clothes were off until we had her dressed again. Even then I was glad that I had planned ahead enough to wait to nurse after so she would calm down. The "Soothing Lavendar" bath stuff probably didn't make her sleepy as planned. But the screaming did wear her ass out.

She has to be swaddled at night. Or her arms flail around and keep her awake. She throws her hands up in a baby Touchdown! gesture. She is not amused if you imitate her on this one.

She gets the hiccups. Full body. I get the loudest hiccups known to man, so loud and full that they shake my body. As a kid my dad would accuse me of faking them. So sorry that I passed that on to you kiddo.

She's three weeks old today. Even anti-mush me can enjoy that.


Eeek said...

She's so purdy! They are made that way on purpose. If babies were ugly and put you through all of the crap, they would be out with trash within a week.

Sandra said...

She is so cute!