Monday, November 27, 2006

Grand Plan Failure

I was stuck at home all day today. At one point I had worked myself into such a guilt-induced hissy that I was about to get dressed and just GO even if it was a dumb idea. But I didn't go and instead spent the rest of the day on the couch.

I had grand plans, my house is an absolute pig sty and I have not been able to get it together to get it clean, why not take advantage of a non-sick day off of work when I cannot do a damn thing and clean the house?

I didn't do any of it y'all. All I did was eat and sleep and then eat some more. I don't want food ever again at this point and yet I have to slop the hogs in my stomach every couple of hours. I am embarrassed by myself at this point but I am a big giant cliche. All I did was sleep today and yet here it is 8:30 and I am totally ready for bed.

It is supposed to fucking snow again. Delightful.


Frank said...

Its like having a snow day when you were a kid. Why ruin it by doing something like housework? You did the right thing by lounginng around. Besides I'm sure Darla and Buster loved having you home. Another sleeping buddy.

Linda said...

Yeah, you're at home today aren't you? Me too. We'd be crazy to try and go to work.

hey, take all the time you need to get acquainted with the couch. You need the rest.