Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Small Scare

My mother fell down the stairs today.

Luckily, she is fine. She is bruised and sore and staying the hell home from work tomorrow (griping all the way) but fine. She tripped and tried to steady herself and slammed everything on the railing. It sounds like her co-workers panicked a bit and had her on the backboard and everything.

My mother is sixty-one years old. Which isn't old but it isn't young either. She is more fragile than she used to be.

Actually, both of my parents are. They are frailer. My father can't do big projects on his own (we often try to go down and help). J doesn't ask my dad to come do things around our house anymore because he doesn't want him to hurt himself. My mother tires when we go out for the day.

I suppose I was in denial about all of this.

I was so worried, am so worried. Because I cannot handle it if anything happens to my parents. I still need them, Ramona needs them. This is our family. Everyone needs to stay safe and healthy.

And my mother needs to stay away from stairs.


Frank said...

Glad to hear your Mom is ok. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Linda said...

EH, I'm glad she's ok but scary! She needs to stay in one level buildings only. It's stressful seeing our parents age :(

eeek said...

Aww your poor Mom; reminders of aging parents is upsetting. I completely understand. I lost my father this year and now whenever my mother get sick/hurt in anyway I over react.