Saturday, April 19, 2008

Boring Mom Stuff

I have been sick since we got back from Iowa. I just have the cough left but it is brutal. My whole body hurts from the force of it. Up until two days ago the baby had escaped it, but she is filled to the brim with snot now. FABOO

About an hour ago she lost her mind and begged to go to bed. I wish the girl could talk because, "Mother, I would like to go to sleep now," would be much preferred over face melting screaming and rage. Oh the rage.

I think she is sleeping now. PLEASE LET HER SLEEP FOR A WHILE.

My MIL was supposed to move out today. But her blinds weren't put in. Most of her stuff is in her apartment but she hasn't really moved. I am so excited she is going (she is too so no one feel sorry for her) I think we all need some space.

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